Summer Customization Event

Heffner Lexus Summer Customization Event

June 1 until August 31, 2018

Remote Starter 

Your key to warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Lexus START+ is a Long Range Remote Engine Starter. Features and benefits include:

– Enables you to start your vehicle from as far as 800 meters/2,600 feet away (unobstructed) and activates pre-set heating and ventilation system.
– Short range remote engine starter (activated on the original vehicle key fob) which allows you to start your car from as far as 24 meters/80 feet away (unobstructed).
– Easy to operate with only a need to press two buttons in sequence to start or stop engine.
– Provides audio and visual confirmation for engine start and stop with two-way communication
– Doesn’t interfere with other vehicle electronics, and is designed to fully integrate with your Lexus
– Clears condensation, and activates your vehicle’s front and rear defoggers.
– The rubber membrane inside the fob makes it weather and shock resistant.

Dash Camera

See the World through a New Lens

Experience, Save and Share your drive with a Lexus Genuine Dash Camera. Features and benefits include:

– Automatically starts recording when you start your vehicle.
– Footage is saved to an 8GB industrial grade micro SD card in crisp 1080p HD quality.
– Available mobile app and computer software are downloadable for free.
– Catalogue memories with 4 different recording modes:  Adventure Mode, Incident Recording, Parking Surveillance, and Interesting Event.
– Seamless integration, with no visual screen for less distracted driving.
– Collisions are automatically saved and protected for secure retrieval, including GPS location, speed and G-force details.

Towing Hitch 

Your Lexus was Built to take you Places, including Everything you Need to take with you

Your Lexus SUV is designed to haul and tow. And the Lexus Genuine Tow Hitch Receiver is designed specifically for your Lexus.  Features and benefits include:

– Engineered to meet maximum towing weight by model.
– Every hitch is thoroughly tested to meet Lexus’ stringent quality requirements.
– The Hitch mounts behind the rear bumper to more precisely fit the aerodynamic underbody covers and ensure the vehicle ground clearance is not compromised.
– For best results, use with Genuine Lexus Ball Mount and Trailer Ball (all sold separately).

Cargo Liners

Protect Your Vehicle from the Elements

Lexus Cargo Liners are custom-designed to help protect the rear cargo area even when the rear seats are folded down. Features and benefits include:

– Anti-slip surface to keep valuables stable.
– Integrated living hinge enables protection of the rear of the 2nd row seats in tandem or single use when stored flat.
– Unique split cargo liner design allows multiple configuration of use, while maintaining full function of rear seating.

Running Boards 

Add style and functionality to your Lexus

Lexus Genuine Running Boards. Features and benefits include:

– Helps you get in and out of your Lexus while maintaining the sleek style of your vehicle.
Running Boards - Heffner Lexus Summer Customization Event

For further questions or to book an appointment please call our Heffner Lexus Parts Department directly at 519-895-9131 or click here to Request An Accessory online.

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