What happened to the Morning Glory Café?



If you’ve been in the dealership lately, you may have noticed that the Morning Café has been closed for a while.  We were informed by Ray of Hope (that has operated the café since its’ inception in 2005) that due to staffing issues they would need to close the café for several  weeks. This closure has had quite an impact on our dealership’s daily life – both from our customer and staff’s perspective.  We have come to rely on the cafe’s daily presence for coffee, drinks, snacks and meals.  We have had several discussions with both Ray of Hope, and internally .   We have come to a mutual decision with Ray of Hope that we would assume operational responsibility for the café going forward.

This has come as quite a jolt to us, as we have never operated a café/restaurant before.  So, I guess it’s time for us to learn this also.  So, I am pleased to announce that we will be reopening our café (sometime in early June) and going forward it will be known as the Breithaupt Street Garage Café.  Ok, I know the question – why did we choose that name?   Our founder – John Heffner Sr’s first garage was called Breithaupt Street Garage, and as you might guess, it was located on Breithaupt Street by Margaret. As we were saddened to lose him in January of last year, we figured that we honour him by using that name.  Also, to honour his style, we’re going to reinvent our café to provide a much greater service to all of our constituents – customers, staff and our community at large.   Here is a short list of the changes we have so far that we will be implementing:

  1. Construction is already well underway to increase the size of the kitchen, to give us more flexibility in food preparation.
  2. Re-creating our menu to both provide greater food choices to everyone, and purchasing our ingredients from local sources wherever possible.
  3. On line ordering/payment availability to preorder food for pickup /take home.
  4. Expanded hours during the week, as well as bringing back Saturday service.
  5. All desserts / pastries will be baked in house by our pastry chef.
  6. A catering service will be available for the community at large to service any requirements you have.

We have already spoken with staff that was at the café previously, and they will be joining our new venture.  We are very excited about this opportunity to increase the service to our customers, and are working very hard to make the Breithaupt Street Garage Café a big success. We’d also welcome your comments and suggestions about this new café – please feel free to email  : We will share more information as we get closer to the launch date.  We look forward to welcoming everyone to the Breithaupt Street Garage Café very soon!