Mechanic Revved Up By Challenges

Mechanic Revved Up By Challenges

Emily Pyke Spectrum Article

“I just loved every single second being in the auto shop.”

Emily Pyke is one of the many truly inspiring local women working in Skilled Trades, so much so, she has been profiled among several others in the latest edition of Spectrum, a Cambridge Chamber of Commerce publication.

Emily is a gifted Automotive Apprentice Technician, and is part of the family working here at Heffner Lexus.

Her story goes like this…

“Emily Pyke never dreamed of being an auto mechanic.

As a five-year-old watching actress Resse Witherspoon bring the spunky character of “Elle Woods” to life in the hit film Legally Blonde, the Guelph native toyed with the idea of becoming a lawyer.

But all that changed in high school.

Being a mechanic was never something I wanted to do, until I happened to take an auto class in high school…”

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