Maintaining Your Vehicle, Even When You’re Not Driving!

Maintaining Your Vehicle,
Even When You’re Not Driving!


The Importance of Maintaining your Vehicle

There are not too many places one has to travel these days. We understand some benefits come with not having to drive as frequently. Although, not driving as frequently, and letting your vehicle sit for too long may lead to some costly repairs! It is extremely important to continue to drive your vehicle for at least twenty minutes every three days. If this is not done these are some of the failures that may occur; dead battery, tire repairs, moisture damage, abnormal brake wearing patterns, pests and rodents making a home in your vehicle, and finally fluid deterioration.

For more information on the failures that may occur, please see below;

  • Dead Battery – When you don’t drive your vehicle for a long period of time, it may not start when you need it to. One possible cause of this issue is the battery. When the engine is running, the battery charges. If the vehicle has not been run in some time, the battery may eventually die.
  • Tires – When driven often, the tires on your vehicle maintain their shape. However, if the vehicle has been left too long in a stationary position the tires could lose air pressure, develop flat spots, and/or lose their round shape.
  • Moisture – Moisture can easily accumulate and build up in different areas of your vehicle. Excessive moisture in vehicles may lead to corrosion. If that occurs the efficiency and safety of the vehicle are compromised leading to costly repairs or even the replacement of parts.
  • Brakes and Rotors – Due to environmental conditions, if your vehicle is stationary for a long period of time your vehicle’s brakes and rotors could develop rust. Brake rust can produce brake noise, pulsations when applying the brakes, and deteriorating brake performance.
  • Pests and Rodents – Pests can take up residence inside a vehicle that has been left still for too long. Eliminating these unwanted visitors (especially tiny ones) is not as easy as it sounds. Larger critters such as squirrels/mice might seek refuge inside the engine bay or your cabin air filter space where they can affect the vehicle’s operations. Squirrels and mice are particularly troublesome if they nest in these areas as they may chew on the electrical wires of your vehicle. (See our article below on the visitors we found in a guest’s car)
  • Fluid Deterioration- Fluids contained within your vehicle can become acidic and deteriorate when you don’t drive your vehicle often enough. Fluids such as engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, and transmission fluid lose their abilities to lubricate and cool internal components in your vehicle.


The Importance Of Maintenance

Maintenance appointments are so important! Driving your vehicle every three days for twenty minutes is an excellent start to ensuring your vehicle is in the best shape possible. Keeping your maintenance appointments regular is necessary as well. Regular maintenance checks should occur every 6 months OR 8,000 km, whichever comes first. Just as humans go for regular medical checkups, vehicles must go for their regular maintenance checks. Adhering to your maintenance schedule, whether by kilometers or time, will ensure your vehicle is properly looked after. It is essential that you continue to maintain your vehicle, to ensure both your own and other’s safety.


Did Someone Say Squirrel?

Last summer our Lexus team had a guest come in to have their vehicle serviced after not driving over the first initial lockdown in the summer months of 2020. The guest had mentioned how the air conditioning in the vehicle was no longer working. The technicians came to discover that the reason behind this was due to squirrels making a nest in the vehicle! A mama squirrel and seven of her babies made this vehicle their new home. The baby squirrels seemed unharmed and were brought to the Human Society for care and re-introduction into the wild when old enough. The vehicle was not so lucky, as the squirrels created quite the damage as the total repair cost was $1500. Needless to say, if you let your car sit for too long, it gives critters the chance to make your vehicle their new home.



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