We have some amazing members of the Heffner Staff to show you!

This month, we are featuring Amber (Community & Customer Relations Manager) , Angela(Tint/PPF Installer) , Megan (Service Appointment Coordinator) and Ryan (Service Appointment Coordinator)

We have decided to ask these lovely people some questions!

(Left to right)

Amber, Angela, Megan & Ryan 

Question #1: What is one of your goals for this year?

Amber: When restrictions are lifted, spend time with family and friends.

Angela: My goal for this year is to be more grateful for the things in my life.

Megan: My goal is to be a more positive and mindful person

Ryan: One of my goals for this year, is to be the Best Version of myself.

Question #2: What superpower do you wish you had? 

Amber: Mind Reading

Angela: My superpower would be teleportation.

Megan: I would love the power of Teleportation. To be able to go anywhere in no time, would be incredible!

Ryan: If I could have any superpower, then I wish that I could cure any illness.

Question #3: What is my favorite memory from 2021?

Amber: My favorite memory of 2021 was being able to have my entire family together for Thanksgiving.

Angela: My favorite memory of 2021 would be spending 2 weeks at a cottage on a small island in the Kawartha Lakes with my 3 boys.

Megan: I got to explore a lot of new trails/camp grounds last year and had a really great time!

Ryan: My favorite memory of 2021 was installing Long Tube Headers on my 91 Toyota Camry after replacing all my Fuel and Brake lines and taking the car for a long drive into the sunset with my Husky Luna.

Question #4: If you could trade lives with someone, who would it be?

Amber: I would not trade lives with anyone as I have a very blessed life!

Angela: If I could trade lives with someone, it would have to be my dog Kingston

Megan: I probably wouldn’t want to trade lives with anyone. I am embracing the one I have right now ! 🙂

Ryan: If I could trade lives with someone, then it would have to be Gordon Ramsay. I believe he is the best Chef in the world that makes the most delicious of foods, that everyone would love! I also admire his hard work ethic and dedication he displays by teaching so many other people how to cook and enjoy find cuisine.