Get to Know Us – Part 3


Spring has Sprung and we’re back with four more incredible members of the Heffner Staff!

This month we are featuring Ashley (Lexus Service Advisor), Keith (Lexus Product Advisor), Karen (BDC Sales Concierge), and Stuart (Lexus Product Advisor).

Left to Right: Ashley, Keith, Karen, Stuart

1.What is your favourite breed of dog?

Ashley: Don’t really have a favourite, I’m more of a cat person

Keith: Husky

Karen: Boston Terrier

Stuart: My favourite breed of dog would have to be a Great Dane, tall and slim like me 🙂

2.If you could be invisible for one day only, what would you do?

Ashley: Honestly, I would relish in the alone time. With a demanding toddler, any alone time is precious!

Keith: Naked on a beach

Karen: I would go to Dunedin, Florida, and hang with the Toronto Blue Jays during and after a game.

Stuart: It would depend on my powers when I was invisible… If I could move stuff then I’m probably scaring the heck out of people I know, like sneaking into their homes and slamming doors and what not haha. If I can’t move stuff, I’m spending the day with someone cool like Jimmy Kimmel or Kevin Hart.

3.You found a genie and they have granted you 3 wishes, what are those wishes?

Ashley: Unlimited riches to have the ability to help all my friends and family, good health during all the chaos this year, and peace

Keith: A. ability to speak & write every language known – B. wish my friends, family and myself a long, healthy and happy love-filled life – C. able to play the guitar really really well since I have been a drummer since age 14

Karen: 1. End the Pandemic 2. To have the exact change for anything I need in life in my pocket when I need it 3. Unlimited wishes

Stuart: To be able to eat foods with gluten in it, to be able to control my height with a button (being tall isn’t always fun!), and may as well take a couple of billion dollars!

4.What is one thing you have accomplished in 2021 so far that you are proud of?

Ashley: Nothing as of yet … but the year’s not over (wink)

Keith: My relationship with my wife and son is stronger than ever

Karen: Accomplished a 10k winter hike

Stuart: Proposing to my now fiancé and still having hair on my head after going through the stress of trying to plan a wedding with her…